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All Metal Classics:
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions along with our answers. If this doesn’t answer your question, please feel free to give us a call at 208-800-2829 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to work with you one-on-one.

Question: What are acceptable forms of payment to All Metal Classics for a classic vehicle?
Answer: Acceptable forms of payment include cashier’s check, bank transfer, wire transfer or cash in person.

Question: Does All Metal Classics offer financing?
Answer: Unfortunately, All Metal Classics does not offer financing directly. We do recommend a few lenders that can help with classic vehicle financing. We’ll be happy to help you make that connection.

Question: How long after the purchase can All Metal Classics store my vehicle?
Answer: Unless there are special circumstances, we like to have the vehicles shipped out within 30 days after the sale has been finalized. They are stored in a dry, climate controlled warehouse until shipped.

Question: Does my classic vehicle purchase come with a warranty?
Answer: Unfortunately, there are too many variables on classic vehicles for All Metal Classics to offer warranties. However, we do welcome and encourage pre-purchase inspections.

Question: How long does it typically take to ship a vehicle?
Answer: Shipping a vehicle usually takes between 5-14 days, depending on location.

Question: Can All Metal Classics assist in the shipping process?
Answer: Absolutely! We offer shipping assistance free of charge and make all the necessary arrangements to get your classic car or truck to you as quickly as possible.

Question: How are the shippers paid for their service?
Answer: The shippers are paid for the shipment directly as they drop off your vehicle.

Question: Can I hire my own shipping company?
Answer: You can definitely hire your own company! We assist with shipping for convenience and savings, but if you have a shipper you regularly work with or would like to hire your own shipper, that is perfectly fine!

Question: How do I receive my title and bill of sale once the vehicle has been paid for?
Answer: Your title will be sent out via certified mail with a tracking number within 24-48 hours after the payment has been received.

All Metal Classics is owned and operated by Jonny Hetmer